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E&J 1250 CFM Throttle Body

E&J 1250 CFM Throttle Body

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The WORLDS FAMOUS E&J 8 Injector Throttle body desinged and machine in house out of aircraft quality T6 aluminum.  Ahead of its time ten years ago when it was first introduce and still one of the most thought after today, it is one of the most cosistant fuel injection throttle body and it is used today by the top racers and the world fastest rotaries in the world.

The E&J throttle body is a 4150 bolt patter with 1.875 bore, .090 thick butterflies and delivering a strong 1244CFM with a ventury entry to increase velocity of air and provide faster accelaration and power. Turning the butterflies are two .375 (3/8) ground stainless steel shaft attached to two roller bearing to provide a smother throttle response. The injector ports are backed up with two -8 fuel rail and machined fuel rail clamps.

The E&J throttle body designed to fit a Ford style Throttle possition sensor that is not included.

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